The Racing, Happy Wheels

The Racing, Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is another rag-doll Physics based game which just hit the internet and rocked. It is developed and published by Fancy Force. Tagline for Happy Wheel game is “Choose your inadequately prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory!” Happy Wheels is basically about the dark-fun and the Physics combination in deadly way. Featuring intense graphical violence and blood, this game isn’t quite a game for people who do not have hard stomach. Expect to see a lot of bloods and guts in this game. Gamers Suffice


Like almost every other game, game starts with choosing a character and level to play. Players get to play through different levels (or roads) where their primary mission is to go further as possible without getting hurt. Even a small body damage or drop of blood will result to fail the game. As the game progresses, players get to play different levels with different objectives. Players also can create new level of their own.

For controlling the game in Web Version, four arrow keys, shift key, space bar, control Key (Ctrl) and letter “Z” key are used.

 About the Game

For being honest, this game is intense and full of graphical violence, bloods, guts and everything that might give you a vomit (unless you have pretty good stomach).  This game is rated as “M” in US and “18+” in UK region due to its intense contents. But the fun part is the blood and guts is what makes this game so interesting and popular.


This game is available in iOS and Web platform. In Web, it is a flash game which can be played from the website and for iOS, it is available in App Store. This game is free to download and play, however offers in-app purchase to remove advertisements.

Happy Wheels “Unblocked”

Happy Wheels “Unblocked” is third-party service to offer users to play the game where it is possibly banned to play, like in schools due to its intense graphical violence, bloods and guts. There are several sites in internet claiming to provide access to play the game Happy Wheels even if it’s blocked to play in that area.